Welcome to Scemedical

Right from our core capabilities to our cutting-edge topnotch services; learn how SCE Medical can assist you with the powerful momentum you need to work in your health organization.

Experts in medical devices distribution

With several years of experience, our manufacturing and distribution of innovative medical devices sit at the heart of SCE Medical; it’s the core foundation of our business. We take great pride in being a global voice as innovative medical device manufacturers and distributors.

Our healthcare supply chain system makes high-tech devices readily available to clinics and hospitals. It also helps medical firm lower costs and reduces the complexities that come with distributing medical items.

A relentless team

We have a relentless team that works passionately to ensure that the health facilities that rely on us get their medical devices as quickly as possible. Our delivery process is precise and accurate as we work tirelessly to meet specific requirements given that lives are at stake. We also have a functional emergency preparedness plan to help the healthcare supply chain in disaster situations.

Efficient distribution models

We have a well-structured set of distribution models that are poised at reducing costs and improving efficiency. All our distribution models are informed and enabled by strong analysis and data. Our distribution models include a logical unit of measure, bulk distribution and third-party logistics.